Why is heat illness growing in LA public schools?

Over the last decade, reports of heat illness in schools have climbed, and not just at Edison, according to data I received from the Los Angeles Unified School District in response to a public records request. Health offices in Los Angeles public schools collectively reported five times as many incidents of heat illness in the last school year as they did in 2007-2008. During this time, the school district worked to fully air condition its classrooms, and overall enrollment has dropped.


Hot Classrooms Make it Harder to Learn, Worsen the Achievement Gap

An Interview with Jisun Park, UCLA

What happens when schools get too hot?

Every year kids go back to school during Southern California's hottest months. Temperatures can reach over 100 degrees. Some students spend their days in air conditioning, but others are not so lucky. And those hot classrooms can impact kids' ability to learn.


Edison Middle School, Florence-Graham in the last decade Edison recorded 174 cases of heat illness, compared to hundreds of west-side LAUSD schools which collectively recorded 390 cases.