San Fernando Valley, You made this map with us…And you're still making it! 

At bus stops, at community meetings, and in conversations, we asked: Where are the hottest places in the San Fernando Valley? Where do you go to cool down? Red dots represents a hot spot, blue dots a cooler place and green dots represents a bus stop where you'd like to see some shelter. 


We didn't make a lot of rules about how you answered. For example, at a meeting of YUTEP, Youth United Towards Environmental Protection, we gave blue and red stickers out to people who came. Some people used more than one red sticker to represent hot spots; some people placed one of each color; some people placed none at all. Our goal is just to represent the conversation we're all already having about where it's hot. 

 The City of Los Angeles is considering what it means to be resilient. How we all live — and how we survive extreme heat — is a big part of it. Plus, LA will soon consider a new contract for bus shelters in the city proper. Our goal with this map  is to help inform the people deciding how we all live on the urban heat island we share.